Speech / Language

Even before children are verbal, they are learning the basic foundations for understanding and using language. Early intervention focuses on building vocabulary, comprehending directions, improving pragmatic skills, verbalizing wants/needs, and providing information and suggestions to parents/caregivers.

Speech-Language therapy is beneficial for children who have:
  • Difficulty communicating their wants/needs effectively
  • Decreased vocabulary skills
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Hard-to-understand speech
  • Difficulty answering questions
  • Difficulty pronouncing certain sounds/words, or stutters
Children may be at risk for speech-language difficulties if they:
  • Are born prematurely or are developmentally delayed
  • Have autism, ADHD, or learning disabilities
  • Have a medical condition such as Down Syndrome, cleft lip/palate, cerebral palsy, or a seizure disorder
  • Have chronic ear infections
At Bona Vista, our Speech-Language therapists specialize in:
  • Articulation - difficulty producing speech sounds
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) - providing additional or alternative ways to communicate for children and adults who have difficulty speaking or writing
  • Expressive Language - the use of language to communicate (talking, signing, writing, utilizing AAC devices)
  • Receptive Language - the ability to understand language (listening, reading, understanding signs)
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