Pre-Vocational Training Program

As a participant in our Pre-Vocational Training Program, adult individuals will have the opportunity to become involved in three unique but connected service options. The programs offered are Education, Volunteering and Entrepreneurship.

Through our education option, we strive to prepare our individuals for employment by guiding them through what could be challenging work services, reviewing coping skills, interview and job skills.

By volunteering, we promote inclusion by fostering positive relationships between our community and Bona Vista person’s served. We strive to volunteer for local organizations and businesses while developing work and pedestrian safety skills. 

Finally, we use the gifts and interest of our individuals to create unique items and encourage them to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities within the community.

Skills developed through the education program

  • Individuals will learn how to interact with their coworkers by verbally practicing situations in the classroom and being observed by supervisor.
  • Individuals will work toward increasing their focus on the job task at hand.
  • Individuals will work on identifying and applying coping skills.

Skills developed through the volunteering program

  • Individuals will demonstrate a positive increase in attitude towards volunteering.
  • Individuals will increase their knowledge of pedestrian safety skills in the community.

Skills developed through the entrepreneurial program

  • Individuals will learn how to appropriately address customers and describe their product or service.
  • Individuals will learn about different avenues to gain funding for a product. 

If you are interested in Pre-Vocational Services, please contact Bona Vista's Adult Services at 765-454-5344.