How To Enroll

Habilitation Services Admissions Criteria

  • The person requesting services must have a developmental disability or a combination of disabilities.
  • The person requesting services must be at least 18 years of age and will benefit from the services.
  • The person requesting services must no longer be participating in public school.
  • The person requesting services must participate in a yearly Individualized Support Plan and Habilitation Service Plan.
  • The person requesting services must have Habilitation Services stated as part of their Individualized Service Plan and approved in their Notice of Action or Community Support Budget.
  • The person requesting services must show proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • The person requesting services must be from Howard, Miami, or a surrounding county.
  • The person requesting services must have been referred by a funded referral source recognized by the State of Indiana (Example: Medicaid Developmentally Disabled Waiver, Medicaid Support Service Waiver, Medicaid Autism Waiver, or Community Support Service Budget).
  • If the person has a legal guardian, documentation must be provided to the agency. 

Person Served

The person requesting services must have a developmental disability or a combination of disabilities. Bona Vista Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services serves persons from Howard, Miami, and surrounding counties.

Services Provided

Facility-Based Group Habilitation 
Facility-Based Individual Habilitation

Habilitation Services Admission Procedures

The Adult Service Coordinator will complete the following:
  • Review the clients file to ensure that they meet the service eligibility requirements.
  • Review the most recent NOA (Notice of Action) or Community Support Budget to see which Habilitation Services have been authorized.
  • Review the most recent ISP (Individualized Service Plan) to determine that Habilitation services were included in the ISP.
  • Review the most recent PCP (Person Centered Plan) to determine what the consumer wants, needs, dreams, likes, dislikes, and what works and doesn't work for the referred individual.
  • Discuss at the intake meeting what the person requesting services needs, wants and desires from habilitation services.
  • Write an initial Habilitation plan.
  • Complete Billing Sheets for Habilitation Plan.
  • Provide a copy of the new goals to the Lead Habilitation Trainer to provide training to habilitation staff.
  • Send a copy of the Habilitation plan to anyone the consumer has authorized to receive this plan. 

Habilitation Services Admissions Packet

Prior to starting services, the Adult Service Coordinator will be required to complete the following packet for a person requesting services:
  • Case Conference Committee Report
  • Consumer Orientation Tour
  • Individual Eligibility Status
  • Intake Checklist
  • Transportation Update
  • Records Accessibility Sheet
  • Photo of Consumer
  • PL-101-476 Notice of Parent/Adult Rights if applicable
  • Consent Form
  • Permission for Evaluation
  • Emergency Medical Information
  • Permission to Administer Meds During Program Hours, if applicable
  • Person Being Serviced Annual Pre-meeting form
  • Copy of Medicaid Card/Medicaid Card, Birth Certificate, ID Card, Social Security Card
  • Medication Form
  • New Admittance Form
  • Current physical
  • Smoking Policy
  • Agency privacy policy
  • Habilitation Handbook
  • Consumer Rights/Complaint Policy/Grievance Procedure
  • Risk Assessment, if applicable
  • D&E, if applicable
  • Individual Support Plan (ISP)/Person Centered Plan (PCP) Reviewed/Updated
  • NOA, if applicable
  • Training plan written for goals outlined in ISP
  • Individual Specific Outline
  • DDP
  • Social Service Movement