Habilitation Services

HabilitationHabilitation Services provides individual and group training classes to adults with disabilities.

The thirty- to sixty-minute classes focus on goal-centered activities that may include but are not limited to daily living skills, independent living skills, educational opportunities, computer skills, and social skills. Additional class opportunities include choir, cooking and art. Habilitation instructors work closely with the clients to assist them in reaching their personal goals.

To be eligible for Habilitation Services, you must:Habilitation session
  • Live in Howard, Miami, or a surrounding county
  • Be 16 years of age or older and no longer attending public school
  • Have one or more severe disability
  • Be eligible for funding or be able to self-pay
  • Have Habilitation stated as part of their Individual Support Plan
  • Want to learn skills to become more independent
  • Have transportation to the program
  • Try hard to meet self-set goals
Services are paid for by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services - Division of Disability, Aging, and Rehabilitative Services, Medicaid Waiver, and self-pay.

If you are interested in Habilitation Services, please contact the Director, Adult Day Services at 765-454-5344.

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