Corporate Responsibility

Quality Management

Bona Vista focuses on quality in every program and service we offer.  We are committed to the highest standards that guide us in our daily operations. We utilize tools, such as surveys from individuals using our services, steering committees, and policy councils to gather input from all of our stakeholders. This input allows us to identify our customers' needs and then create new services or improve current programming to best meet those needs. Bona Vista also utilizes outcomes management in all departments to ensure quality and success of services and programming.

As further proof of our commitment to the highest standards of quality and success, Bona Vista has received accreditations in many of its programs and services. Several of our programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), including our Special Education Preschool classroom, our Supported Living Services program, our Industrial Services program, our WorkForce Diversity program and both adult and pediatric outpatient therapy clinics. Our Full-Day Preschool and Early Head Start programs are currently participating in the State of Indiana's Paths to QUALITY, a statewide rating system for child care centers, and are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Additionally, our Early Head Start program has a five star accreditation with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.Bona Vista's Child Care Solutions program is accredited with the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) Quality Assurance Program. Finally, Bona Vista's Industrial Services program is a NISH contractor and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Corporate Compliance

Bona Vista Programs, along with its President and Board of Directors, has adopted a program of corporate compliance to ensure that its programs are administered, and that officers, staff and all others acting in a capacity for the organization act in accordance with all ethical standards and governing federal, state and local laws and regulations. To ensure the success of the corporate compliance program, Bona Vista Programs has designated the Director, Compliance & HR as the person responsible for the oversight of this program and as the contact person for officers, staff and other stakeholders to report concerns or instances of unethical or illegal conduct.

Bona Vista Programs understands the importance of ensuring that all employees have a clear understanding of their responsibility to act in accordance with all policies and applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, Bona Vista Programs utilizes outside auditing and accreditation entities as necessary to ensure all programs and departments run in accordance with legal and agency-wide standards. Bona Vista Programs maintains a high level of integrity programmatically and fiscally, and all programs are expected to run in accordance with governing guidelines.

Any questions or concerns regarding Bona Vista's corporate compliance policies or corporate responsibility should be directed to the Director, Compliance at 765-457-8273.

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Best Practices for NISH Programs

The Ethical Standards developed by the NISH Board of Directors presents standards of conduct expected of NISH Affiliated Community Rehabilitation Programs. Because of the working relationship between Bona Vista's Industrial division and NISH, Bona Vista, along with its Board of Directors, has adopted the following essential qualities of conduct. These ethical standards have the following Prime Directive:

Community Rehabilitation Programs participating in the Ability-One Program operate in the interest of people with severe disabilities. 

The standards, as developed by NISH, are as follows:

1. We will treat people with disabilities with respect and put their aspirations and dignity first in the design and day-to-day operation of our organization.
2. We will obey the law and regulations of the jurisdictions and authorities under which we operate, including Workers' Compensation, OSHA and the Department of Labor.
3. We affirm that we are duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the jurisdictions, and have all the power and government authorizations necessary to own and operate our assets and carry on our business.
4. We will assure that our employees and our governing body avoids conflicts of interest.
5. We will maintain a governance structure that promotes public confidence.
6. We affirm that neither our organization, nor our officers or directors, are presently prohibited from participation in transactions by any federal agency, or have been indicted or convicted of or had a civil judgment for commission of fraud, or other criminal offense in regard to performing a public contract.
7. We will qualify people with severe disabilities accurately and in good faith with AbilityOne Program regulations.
8. We affirm current compliance and agree to continued compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to federal government contractors, as well as laws and regulations pertaining to participation in the AbilityOne Program.
9. We will file accurate and timely reports, including Committee for Purchase Annual Report 404 and IRS 990.
10. We will maintain a formal process for Whistle-Blower Protection to deal with complaints and prevent retaliation. We will investigate complaints of all we employ and correct any problems or explain why corrections are not necessary.
11. We will maintain a written, mandatory document retention and periodic destruction policy, which includes guidelines for electronic files and voicemail. If an official investigation is underway or even suspected, we will stop any document purging in order to avoid criminal obstruction.
12. We will satisfy the business commitments and obligations we assume either by contract, agreement or regulations and in our actions remain good to our word.